Beard Vape Co

  The brainchild of the Bates Brothers from Venice, California, the Beard Vape Co is one of the most popular e-liquid brands supplying high-quality vape juice worldwide. Known by the iconic Beard logo, this e-juice company has been creating waves in the vaping world with its famous beta names for original Beard Co vape juice recipes like no.05 for New York-style Strawberry Cheesecake, no.32 for cinnamon funnel cake, etc. Beard Vape Co produces 100s of flavourful vape juices with both sweet and sour combinations. For traditional style tobacco lovers, they have even come up with no.00, which is a fine blend of classic tobacco and cappuccino to give a bitter-sweet taste to your palate with every hit. For those with a sweet tooth, Beard Vape Co e-juice no.71 brings in a sweet and sour taste of delectable peaches. No.99, the delicious Lemon Raspberry cookie is their newest addition. The Beard Co vape juice is ideal for sub-ohm vaping devices and comes in a wide range of VG/PG ratios for thick, flavourful clouds. Visit our Vapelink Store in Coburg to review our range of Beard Vape Co e-juices. For online orders, we have quick delivery services Australia wide.  

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