Direct To Lung (DL) Tanks

Direct To Lung (DL) Tanks DL Kits are ideal for those who want bigger vape clouds and more intense flavours. Similar to a shisha or hookah, the inhale goes right through the lungs. In contrast to MTL coils, the coils are usually bigger. This makes for a larger amount of airflow through the coil, allowing for higher wattage operation. The DL coils have a wattage spectrum of 30 to 130 watts. In comparison to MTL coils, DL coils are less likely to fire due to their larger size. Owing to the greater heated surface area of the coil in DL tanks, they burn out a lot more juice, resulting in a much more flavorful vaping experience. DL kits are suitable for vapers who love inhaling deeply and for a long time.

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