Pod System

Pod systems also know as Pod Vape Kits are the most convenient style of vaping devices. They are compact, light, and can fit in your pocket easily. Most of the pod vape kits come with in-built batteries however, there are some external battery pod kits available in our shop which gives you the advantage of keeping extra batteries giving you the backup option in case you run out of battery. We have a diverse range of affordable pod systems that you can choose from. Buy yourself a Pod Vape Kit and say goodbye to smoking. Choose the healthier option and make the switch today. Pod system differs from disposable vape devices because disposable vapes are pre-filled and pod vape kits are not pre-filled and you will have to fill the e-liquid by yourself. Also, Pod systems are rechargeable vape kits making them a cheaper option compared to disposable vape kits. That is why we always recommend Pod Systems over disposable vapes. At vapelink, we are proud of the diverse range of pod systems we feature including brands like SMOK, JUUL, MYLE, Innokin, Uwell, Vaporesso, and many more.