Shisha Vape Juice

  Shisha Vape Juice Imagine yourself in a desert in Egypt amidst beautiful belly dancers, puffing on a traditional shisha but with no ash or nicotine! Instead of the harsh tobacco, you can taste a succulent tropical fruit! That is the kind of shisha vape juice we are talking about! We have brought together some of the best shisha e juice ranges from well-known Malaysian e-liquid manufacturers like Nasty Juice and Fcukin Flava and New Zealand companies like Luscious Vapor. These shisha e-liquid brands are famous for creating unique blends of fruity concoctions mingled with just the right amounts of mint to give a lasting freshness. Each inhalation of these shisha vape juices brings in a fruity sweetness that makes your mouth water. With each exhalation, you can feel the lingering freshness of menthol on your palate. When used with the correct vaping device, these delectable shisha vape juices are guaranteed to create flavourful clouds of tropical goodness. They have soothing throat hits and a variety of VG/PG ratios for all-day-vape experiences. Now you can check out the entire range of our shisha e juice in our Vapelink store in Coburg. For online orders, we do fast deliveries Australia wide.

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