SMOK Vaping Products

SMOK Vaping Products SMOKTech was a new kind of brand thought up by the Shenzen group in China. The goal of the brand would be to focus primarily on research and development of new vaping technologies that would lead to more enjoyable experiences for consumers. The results of this research began to pay off almost immediately with the release of two major SMOK vape pens. Following these launches came a period of further expansion into SMOK Mod development, which eventually led to today's most popular devices like the ProColor and the Priv One. These state-of-the-art devices exemplify everything SMOK has learned in the last seven years and speak to what the future of vaping could look like if they continue leading the way.Naturally, the development of new devices necessitated a whole new line of SMOK coils and tanks. Even these accessories became a notable part of the SMOK catalog for their unique airflow and heating capabilities. Even users of other brand devices often turn to SMOK to build a one-of-a-kind configuration.

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