SQUONK MODS A squonk vape is similar to a standard box mod, except it offers a few extra features. A vape chip controls the flow of juice and vapour in these box mods. Essentially, this has everything you'll need for a simple vaping experience.The squonk box isn't the usual squonk box. It also comes with a squonk container for pushing liquid into the atomizer tank. The primary distinction between this form of the mod and a basic mod is the mechanism of moving liquid up into a narrow channel into the atomizer, which is known as "squonking." You have the option of choosing between limited and unregulated models. A controlled version would insure that the atomizer is properly filled with juice, avoiding dry hits and damage to coils and other parts. If you want to add a little more flexibility, you can go for a DIY regulated squonk mod. For beginners, an uncontrolled mod is not advised because inappropriate use of the system can be harmful.